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CDS’s Oral Health Foundation


The Cincinnati Dental Society’s Oral Health Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Cincinnati Dental Society committed to a mission, “To improve access to dental care to low income citizens of the Greater Cincinnati area by providing basic dental care, decay prevention, oral hygiene instruction and nutritional counseling.”

The Foundation was founded in 2005 and first named the Cincinnati Center for Children’s Dentistry. Through volunteer participation of dentists and specialist as well as outside funding, the Foundation provided donated dental care to children ages 3 to 18 that had no insurance, including Medicaid, and with family annual income levels at or below the 200% poverty guidelines.

In 2009, the Foundation expanded their mission and changed their name to The Cincinnati Dental Society’s Oral Health Foundation. We continue to provide donated specialty care for children ages 3 to 18 and now, also, Veterans in the Greater Cincinnati area. Recipients are required to meet certain qualifications to receive this care. Your support helps us continue to make a difference in many lives. To be part our mission, please click here.