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10/02/2020 RESCHEDULED - 'ENDO FOR GPs' Better, Faster & Safer Root Canals' and ENDO for GPs: Treating Pediatric and Geriatric Patients' Event View Event
10/03/2020 RESCHEDULED-'Endo for New Dentists' Event View Event
10/29/2020 'Achieving Financial Independence' Event View Event
11/13/2020 'Comply with me: Take OSHA and Infection Control to New Heights' Event View Event
11/20/2020 'The Untapped Dental Market and Accelerated Implant Loading Protocols' Event View Event
12/04/2020 'Avoid Liability: Know Your Patient's Medications and Their Impact on Dental Treatment' and 'The Weed of Today is Not Your Momma's Weed' Event View Event
12/05/2020 'Opioid Training' Course Event View Event
12/31/2020 Radiology Home Study Course Event View Event
02/05/2021 'Red, White, and Ulcerative Lesions of the Oral Cavity. What are they? How to treat? Event View Event
03/26/2021 'What every dentist needs to know about TMD and occulsion - The facts and the fantasies' Event View Event
04/23/2021 'Differentiate Yourself: Clinical & Marketing Tips to Generate New Patients' Event View Event
05/07/2021 "ENDO FOR GPs" Better, Faster & Safer Root Canals" and ENDO for GPs: Treating Pediatric and Geriatric Patients" Event View Event
05/08/2021 "Endo for New Dentists" Event View Event
10/29/2021 "The 4 P's of Pediatric Dentistry: Physiology, Pharmacology, Psychology and Phamily" and "You Want to Do What to My Child?" Event View Event
11/19/2021 'Being All That We Can Be: Changing Perspective to Change Reality' Event View Event
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